why do you ship hei and yin other than the fact that they are perfect for each other

I think I’ve been waiting for this question without realizing it until now, thank you for asking it! c:

All right, prepare yourself for a long string of ramblings (apologies in advance since I have a huge tendency to stray a little from the topic, going off on small things for a sentence or two).

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Every Other Freckle
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I watch every other freckle,
I watch every other freckle…


i was watching Pride and Prejudice and got distracted by background characters oops


Monday, 2:25 pm: Lost miserably to a little kid again. Memo: Raise something besides Zubat.


Percy perfectly summed up in 3 words.


Google is celebrating Diana Wynne Jones’s 80th today!


ok but hear me out- what about a lightning bolt scar that looked like real lightning?